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Over the past few decades, steel structure has been known as one of the long-term, cost-effective cost-effective construction solutions that should be considered and selected. So what is steel structure? What does the phrase prefabricated steel structure mean? On what building scales can prefabricated steel structures be used? In this article, Minh Danh Steel will answer customers’ questions.

I. What is steel structure?
Steel structure is the term for a metal structure made up of basic steel structures linked together to help transmit and withstand force. Compared to concrete or wood structures, steel structures stand out for their strong, strong, and durable bearing strength while using a significantly less amount of accompanying materials.

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A steel structure consists of many constituent parts: a frame structure with beams and columns, a mesh structure with a mesh or dome structure, a post-tensioning structure, a girder bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, a truss structure consisting of bar or truss bridge, arch bridge, arch architecture, suspension bridge and truss bridge (truss structure).
How is prefabricated steel structure?
Prefabricated steel structure is a special type of steel structure, used entirely by bearing structures including: steel columns and steel beams. Each type of construction, size, capacity, space that prefabricated steel structure will come with suitable basic components …

II. Steel structural highlight
1. High practical application
Steel structure helps to flexibly change in stages of fabrication and processing for each type of project and design differently, repairing, upgrading is also extremely simple.
2. Low cost and suitable
If the total cost to invest in the steel structure project will save a lot of money compared to using reinforced concrete or other materials.
3. High product quality
Steel structure production standards meet international standards with modern, advanced, precise and professional production lines.
4. Fast construction time
Combining structural components with steel structures manufactured in the factory will help the construction time become faster and more convenient than ever.
5. Low steel structure warranty.

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III. Application in construction and life
Steel structure is currently designed and widely used in many types of industrial projects such as: steel structure for industrial factories, high-rise steel structures, steel structure for apartment buildings, Large buildings to townhouse projects with rising demand.
Steel structures are used as load-bearing structures, load-bearing structures for factories, supports for large pipeline systems, conveyor systems, tanks, high-pressure tanks, towers. tall, electric poles, telecom towers, public buildings, railway stations, stadiums, high-rise building projects, condominiums, civil and restaurant projects, cafes, stairs …
With many years of experience, a team of high-quality technicians and technicians, over the past 10 years, Minh Danh Steel has left a clear mark on many major projects in the country and is now one of the prestigious enterprises. brand name in the steel structure industry in Vietnam.
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