Minh Danh: Focusing on epidemic prevention – Maintaining production

Minh Danh Company Limited is a reputable unit in steel structure construction and works in Thai Binh province. Currently, along with continuing to maintain production and business, ensure jobs and jobs for employees, the company is very important to join hands with the society to cope with the disease and prevent disease covid-19. respect and care.

Accordingly, the Company has taken many positive and specific measures to raise awareness for all officers and employees. Director Mai Ngoc Tinh said that the epidemic of covid-19 is undergoing very complicated developments. On the part of our company based in Dong La commune, Dong Hung, Thai Binh province, we have not detected a positive case, but it is not so negligent and subjective.

Protecting body temperature for everyone at Minh Danh company

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and local authorities, we have taken action with many measures to propagate the Company employees to strictly comply with the spirit of guiding prevention rather than treatment such as measuring body temperature. let everyone in and out, wash their hands with disinfectant solution, wear masks, limit gathering, party, disinfect, clean and sanitize the whole company … if detected cases of fever, cough, difficult We will contact the medical facility for timely quarantine.

As for the workers working in the remote provinces, the company allowed them to isolate themselves at home for 15 days. In addition, we arranged staff and employees to relax. each other more than 2 meters to ensure hygiene.

Văn phòng làm việc Công ty Minh Danh

Thanks to the measures of the Board of Directors of the Company from the first day, everyone in the Company is healthy and comfortable. Mr. Bui Van Nhu, Head of the KCS Department happily said, as the head of the department together with other group leaders, we always have to catch up, update and exchange disease news regularly and closely directed by the director. create peace of mind when going to work at the Company because it is always cared for and protected at the highest level.

I think that every individual, organization or enterprise is conscious of contributing to repel the epidemic of covid-19 in order to quickly stabilize the situation and restore production and business.

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