Minh Danh: Investment in technology – Capacity building

In order to improve prestige capacity and work quality to new heights, Minh Danh Co., Ltd. has invested in modern equipment and technology for Factory 2, preparing to start construction in mid-May.

Currently, all preparations are almost completed from the premises, design, cost estimates, raw materials … Factory 2 is still built on the company’s premises, right next to Factory 1, with an area of about 4. , 8 ha. This is the long-cherished Minh Danh project, when factory 1 was built in 2007, it has become disordered, not enough to meet the workload and increasing production demand of the Company.

Plasma cutting machine invested by My Minh Danh

With this second factory, Minh Danh invested in dozens of modern machines of all kinds including processing machines, ball injection machines, Japanese OTC machines, American plasma cutting machines, the number of imported equipment is about 70%, by month. The next 8 will be all over. Specifically, the construction of factory 2, Director Mai Ngoc Tinh said, is a strategic, long-term project for the future development of the Company, so we hope that Factory 2 is completed. and put into operation will create a new modern look, a dynamic, creative and professional working environment, bringing core values ​​to customers.

Thus, with 2 factories, Minh Danh continues to affirm to be one of the reputable steel structure units, strongly invested, continuously updated technology, changed his mind to keep up with the trend of high-end projects. Age stature.

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