Minh Danh: Worthy of customers’ trust

Located in the industrial cluster of Dong La commune – Dong Hung district – Thai Binh province, Minh Danh Co., Ltd. is hidden behind the green trees. From the big road to a few tens of meters, Minh Danh appeared with a spacious and solid office building, behind was the Manufacturing Factory, where the ideas of steel structures were realized. integrity sent.

Historical rotation

Before going into the Minh Danh steel structure, let’s go back to the historical rotation of the steel industry. The steel industry is more known from the early 19th century and thrived in the early 20th century when countries participating in the first world war rushed to manufacture and manufacture many weapons for the military. And when the war was over, they started to rebuild the country again on a crumbling, traumatic base.

In 1793, the William Strutt factory in Derby (England) used metal to cover wooden columns to reduce the risk of fire in new factories, marking the first milestone in the steel structure industry.

Steel at that time was preferred for the optimal properties that no other building material could have. Also from here, the steel structure industry prospered in many Western countries, typically buildings, high-rise buildings conquering the sky, the Eiffel Tower is a testament to the great symbol of the steel structure industry. that period.

British Museum, a very beautiful work in design and use

After this, the development of science and technology, steel structure became more and more applied in life, more perfected in design, quality, durability … in turn, high-rise buildings in the world. Race about the height, the majesty, the artistic architectural style. Typical examples are Empire State Building – USA, Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai, Petronas Twin Towers – Malaysia, Bank of China Tower – China …

Going up with internal force

Continuing the history and development trend of the steel structure industry, Minh Danh Co., Ltd. was established and put into operation in 2007. Up to now, it has been more than 10 years, during the process of construction and growth, Minh Danh has come up by himself and matured with his own strength from the winning projects and met the expectations of customers. Therefore, for many years, partners from inside and outside Thai Binh province have known Minh Danh steel structure.

The roof of the Vin Ocean Pack football field – Hanoi was constructed by Minh Danh

In order to maintain prestige, Minh Danh always follows 6 factors.

Strength of Minh Danh – The sustainability of the project.

Values of Minh Danh – The trust you give.

Minh Danh’s awareness – Joining hands to protect the community.

Minh Danh’s goal – Building a beautiful world.

Commitment of Minh Danh – Sustainable development.

Minh Danh’s Dream – Accompany your success.

The garment factory Binh Minh – Thai Binh was constructed by Minh Danh

To complete the above-mentioned mission, to meet the increasing requirements for modern, multi-functional and beautiful steel structure projects. Thereby maintaining the position of brand reputation. Minh Danh always determines the importance of human resources and scientific and technological machinery as the two highest determinants of quality, art as well as project progress. Minh Danh continuously sends engineers to attend CEO training courses, management courses, and hires lecturers to hone and add new knowledge in the steel structure industry. Especially well-known machinery manufacturers such as Lincoln always accompany the skill training for engineers and workers of the Company.

The factories of Anh Thinh, Y Yen and Nam Dinh companies are constructed by Minh Danh

The investment in two core elements, quality human resources and modern machinery, investment in facilities and factories, gives Minh Danh a business position that is always ready to accompany customers. in high quality projects and best service.

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