Minh Danh organizes advanced welding training for employees

Recently, at the headquarters of Minh Danh Co., Ltd., Dong Hung district – Thai Binh province held an advanced class on industrial welding taught by the American branch of Lincoln Corporation in Vietnam.

There were about 30 participants in the class, the leaders of Minh Danh Steel factory. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Lincoln experts, the trainees enthusiastically listened to the presentations because this is a precious opportunity to learn about welding processes, new and advanced technologies in the world in order to create processes and methods. welding for Minh Danh Steel only, helping the company work more and more modern, with many usability features, improving productivity and quality.

Overview of the training session

Mr. Nguyen Tien Quang, Head of the design department of the Company said: When we studied at university, we mainly studied the theory, very few had the opportunity to learn and practice on modern equipment like this. After these 2 sessions, I and all of the technicians and the factory leader of Minh Danh Steel company have understood more and more deeply about the welding processes with each different type of structure, thereby adding new knowledge. update many features, improve productivity.

And Mr. Bui Van Nhu, Head of KCS Department, said that up to now, the company’s employees have not had the opportunity to learn in this specific, practical and intensive way. After the lesson, how do you know about the standard procedures until the final stage of acceptance of finished products. I find myself having to try harder, improve working methods for efficiency, shorten time. The purpose is to help us confidently own the works, to meet the tasks assigned by the Board of Directors in the coming time and the increasing needs of our partners.

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