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With a human resource of 300 staff, employees, full of departments and factories With modern steel, Minh Danh Steel is proud to be one of the experienced and reputable units providing customers with the best construction solutions and perfect package services.


Over the past decade, Minh Danh Steel has built a lot of domestic and foreign steel structure projects and projects including factories, factories, showrooms, trade centers, exhibitions, cultural zones. community, homestay and many other projects.


Minh Danh Steel provides customers with a full range of services before, during and after completing the project: Survey, planning, estimation, design, construction, handover. We always want to bring the best solution for every project.

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Minh Danh steel structure – Quality creates trust

Eiffel tower is the most famous in the world with 1,671 steps, built from 15,000 iron plates and 2.5 million studs, weighing 8092 tons. More than a century since its inauguration, experiencing many ups and downs and changes, the Eiffel Tower has always been forever and became a great symbol of the world’s steel structure industry.